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From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes


From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes


From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes


From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes


From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes


From Blueprint . . . to Breathtaking. Austin's Finest Custom Homes

Price Clarity™ – Custom Home Building With Peace Of Mind

When you build a John Siemering custom home in Austin, you can count on Price ClarityTM. When building your custom home, we are wholly transparent. The price is clear. All aspects of the budget are clearly explained to you. We want you understand both the price and the costs, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

You should have complete confidence in the building process, knowing that you are getting quality materials and workmanship. Neither the builder nor his sub-contractors are cutting corners. Nor are they trying to squeeze out an extra few dollars of profit, because the profit has been set from the beginning. Your home will never go over budget, unless you are the one who decides to do so.

We do understand that just about every home gets changed at some point in the process. When you do want to discuss a change, we give you an estimate up front, before any change work starts. If approved, we guarantee the price of the change order, and the new total price of the home. You will always know exactly what your home will cost.

You can be confident of this by our tenure and reputation. John has over 27 years experience in the business, 10 of that in lumber and materials. In fact, everyone on the John Siemering team averages over 20 years experience. We are intimately familiar with the entire building process, from the current linear foot cost of lumber to the cubic yards of concrete needed for a 3,000 square foot foundation on a 2% grade. We know the pitfalls and the surest paths. There is very little we haven’t seen, which allows us to plan and prepare for just about any contingency. The result is a very accurate forecasting and budgeting process.

Avoid The Hotels With John Siemering’s On Time Promise

One of the biggest concerns that most custom homebuyers share is the uncertainty of when their home will be completed.

At John Siemering Homes, we promise the completion date of your home (usually within 12 months). This means that once we have finished architectural plans and a funded construction loan, we will give you a date by which we promise your home will be completed, and we stick to that. We only ask that you meet your deadlines for selecting appliances, floor covers, paint colors, etc. We rely on you to meet your deadlines, so that we can meet ours.

We offer the On Time Promise because we are confident in our forecasting abilities. We owe this to the following three attributes:

Expertise. Because we have done this for more than 27 years, we know the ins and outs of the home building business. There is very little we haven’t seen, which allows us to plan and prepare for just about any contingency.

Re-staging. Outside the box thinking allows us to not get caught up in traditional construction staging. If we can’t do the tile today, we move onto something that CAN be done, and keep your home moving forward.

Relationships. Our vendor relationships are second to none. John has never considered himself above anyone, he works right alongside his contractors, and he treats everyone with respect. As a result, our vendors are willing to go the extra mile for John.

Building Custom Homes And Pleasing Clients For Over 27 Years

John Siemering Homes enjoys one of the best customer satisfaction levels in the Central Texas area. Our customers are not only satisfied with the building process, but with how we take care of them after the sale. They remain close, for years after their home is built.

The home building process is an intensive one, where builder and client spend a lot of time getting to know each other. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to count so many of our clients as our friends as well. It’s one of the great benefits of being a home builder. We believe in the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” When you treat people with respect, you generally get treated with respect back. This may sound a bit simple, but most universal truths are.

We recognize that we will not always agree, but we will never speak down to you, or think our opinion is more important. We will work to explain the advantages and disadvantages, and respect your wishes as our client. Our Experience is that when you treat others with respect and friendship you rarely have differences that are not easy to resolve.

Our Central Texas clients are not just enthusiastic about their John Siemering home, they’re quite willing to share their stories. Click the button below to contact us. We would be happy to set up a private discussion with a few of them for you.

Delivering Dream Custom Homes To Residents Of Austin, Texas

We are occasionally asked how we deliver the custom home the client wants. Our answer is always the same: We listen. We take the time to get to know you and your family… how you live, what’s important to you in your new home, what your priorities are… We take the time to understand what makes you unique, so that we can make your custom home unique.

Then we bring our formidable expertise to bear in developing a design and cost analysis that maximize your budget. We use the best materials, technologies and contractors to ensure a quality home that we are proud to put our name on. We utilize a more intensive punch list process so that when the home is finished, it really is finished. Lastly, we back up our work with a home warranty and a level of service and reliability that has helped us earn the reputation we enjoy today.

Like most in the industry, we have our own design plan. Initially we sit down with you for a no charge initial consultation. During this meeting we’ll determine where you are in the process – Have you chosen an architect? Do you have a home site? Or are you just beginning to plan? We can help you analyze your design goals in terms of your budget, and create a realistic agenda that can help you avoid surprises and disappointments.

We then work integrally with your architect and designer, even helping you choose the best of each for your type of home. We walk through the entire process with you, to make sure you get what you want. We have a depth of knowledge about architecture and design that will benefit you from specifications and preliminary pricing, to final plans and final pricing, and on through the decorating process. Basically, you’ll be in good hands at John Siemering Homes.

John Siemering Homes – Honest Custom Home Building

There’s only one way we know how to do business–upfront, open and honest. And when it comes to building your custom home in Austin, Texas, you should accept nothing less. There are certain values we embrace, in the people we deal with, but more importantly in how we deal with people. They form the foundation of our beliefs and our mission in life and business. Five of these values include:

Integrity – John is known throughout the industry as a man of his word, and he insists that his company follow that example. We even provide references from banks, vendors, insurers and customers, allowing you to discover for yourself the rock-solid reputation we have built throughout this community.
Diligence – The constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken. This defines John’s approach to building. A constant effort to improve each home, from designing details that will make the home more livable, to finding ways to save money for his clients. His personal involvement in each project is empowered by an earnest drive to build a home he would be proud to have his family live in.
Accountability – When you build with John Siemering Homes, John owns the process. If it bears John Siemering’s name, he makes sure that it lives up to the high standard he has set for himself, and the sterling reputation he has painstaking built.
Humility – As John says, “My greatest desire as a homebuilder is for my clients to enjoy the process and the experience of building their custom home, as much as they enjoy the home I build.” He has an open, friendly communication style, down-to-earth nature, and genuine respect for everyone he meets.
Service – At John Siemering Homes we have not lost sight of the fact that we are in a service business. We serve our clients best when we keep this uppermost in our minds. It is John’s policy to provide consistent, comprehensive communication and service throughout the building process. Our rewards are happy customers and referrals.